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Christmas has come and gone– a Christmas Eve complete with a nephew that I got to meet for the first time (and had to convince myself not to steal…hello, he is adorable), a Christmas morning spent with family and popovers that I wish were a more regular fixture of my breakfasts, and a dinner with a third wave of gifts, dad, and in-laws, who stayed around for about a week so that we could have a few adventures (a trip up to the city, a gluttonous fondue extravaganza, and a fairly humiliating– for the team, anyway– NHL game). I’m loving my week off between Christmas and New Year’s, but am excited to get back to work because, oh, did I mention? I got a new job! It’s at the same place my internship has been, but is in a different department, and will put my librarian skillz to good use as I help researchers go about their business. I was mostly joking when I tweeted that all I wanted for Christmas was a job (right before the interview), but when they called me before break to give me the offer, I had to try pretty hard not to squeal right into the phone. Looks like I’ve got a good start on my “2011 goals” (not resolutions, for some reason that makes a difference to me, semantically), so here are the rest:

Take more (and better) pictures. I know myself too well to try and commit to a photo-a-day project (but who knows, maybe I’ll give it an unofficial try), but now that I have my fancypants camera (well, have had for some months now), it only seems right to know actual things about photographic composition.

Read 40 books. I mentioned this one to GP yesterday after I finished my first official Kindle book (I’m not counting A Christmas Carol, both because I generally dislike Dickens and because it’s more of a novella, right?), and he said it seemed low, given the velocity of my reading, but I only got around to 24 this year (which will likely be recapped later, because who doesn’t love talking about books?). But I’m done with school and armed with the Kindle, so 40 seems doable– and there’s nothing like blowing a goal out of the water, right?

Meet a blogger in real life. There is a 50/50 chance that I will go to BlogHer this year– it’s in San Diego, which is a lovely place, but I am…um…awkward. With strangers. Even strangers about whom I know very much. So, you know, start slowly. Anyone want to hang out with me?

Try 30 new recipes. Whereas 40 books seems like a stretch compared with what I’ve gotten through this year, 30 recipes seems nearly scanty. We’ve got to eat, right? Here’s hoping that some of these make it into the regular rotation.

Regularly practice some form of exercise. Look, I am the worst at exercising/being active. I hate it. It is boring, and sweaty, and often involves something at which I do not immediately excel. All of these add up to me being the person who would much rather greatly restrict her diet as a means of weight control/loss than take a single step even toward a gym. But! I do like Zumba (yes, it is humiliating, but we’re all doing the same gyrations) and I have a few yoga Groupons that I need to cash in. All I want is for something to stick, so that I’m not brittle or diabetic when I’m an old lady.

Dinner at the dining room table (“like people”) twice a week. When we lived in the apartment (yes, a year ago), it was easier just to sit at the coffee table and eat dinner in front of the tv– our kitchen table and chairs were from Ikea, and were not exactly comfortable or luxurious. Now, though? We have nearly no excuse for eating like college students/bachelors. If I’m making dinner, I’d like to eat at an actual table, like grownups.

I’m hoping for a (relatively) low-key New Year’s Eve, which will likely involve a fair amount of drinking and a bit of liar’s dice (a given, when we’re at my parents’ house), and then the annual New Year’s Day huevos rancheros– a perfect hangover cure. What are you up to tonight and next year, internets?


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  1. If you’re ever in the New York area, I will definitely hang out with you! Or if I’m ever on the west coast, though I have no plans to be any time soon. And congrats on the job!! So exciting.

    • It looks like 2011 will be another year o’ weddings, two of which will be in the NY/NJ area (GP’s sister lives in Rockland County, and we’ll likely be staying there for both), so yessss, let’s make this happen!

  2. Ditto on what Arielle said. 🙂 Also, I really want to go to BlogHer again, but I don’t know if $ will allow it. We’ll see! I did 50 recipes last year, and I hit that by October – hope you share some of what you make!

  3. We are also TV eaters, and it drives me absolutely bonkers. I’ve made a rule that once children arrive we will be a TV-off, sit at the table household. But right now, it’s easier not to fight it.

    Also, congratulations on your new job!!!!!

    • Hey, thanks! Today I finished the “this is what I do all day” spreadsheet in order to start transitioning out, and DUDE. It turns out I do a ton of work. Who knew?

      I feel like we’re doing ok so far with the table-eating, but GP did remark that it was “so quiet” last night. Then again, he is Mr. Overstimulation…

      • Sounds like GP needs an “input diet” for a while – drastically reducing the amount of tv, internet, radio, etc.. It can actually be *painful* to reduce your stimulation from tv and internet and radio and ipod etc. I’ve gone on input diets before, and they make me anxious… for the first few days. And then it’s a wonderful sense of calm and focus.

        Mr. PW is the same way – I think he woudn’t know what to do with himself if there wasn’t some sort of input happening.

        Hmmm. Sounds like we need a diet too.

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