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Birthday freebies!

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…and this is why I bother subscribing to all those damn store-card and email programs! Free “Pure-fume” (with rose and jasmine notes) and Hand Relief from Aveda– and I caved and spent $8 on a travel-sized mask. On to Sephora, where I claimed my birthday eyeshadow, liner, and mascara…and put together a primer, lotion, ($1!) nail polish, and a product that I hope will make my hair Kate Middleton-shiny (so covetous!) so that I could use a $15 coupon that came in the emails. All this for less than $30?! Too bad my birthday only comes once a year. Oh, and by the way: has anyone used any of these products? They’re all new to me. I’m excited, and will certainly be reporting back on the hair shininess and whether anything makes my skin fall off.

(Note to GP: yes, you still win. Best birthday gift ever.)


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