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Caturday: The One With the Nap Partners

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Generally, Sydney is pretty social. He is not the type of cat who runs and hides in another room when people are over– instead, he is usually all up in their business, foot-pervery and all. Of course this extends to me and GP, and any time that he and I are in separate rooms is a troubling time for the kitty. He is usually so distressed that he plants himself firmly in the middle of the two rooms. The exception to this, though? Nap time! He is an all-up-ons sleeper, and this seems to go double for when I need a nap– he cannot get close enough. This isn’t very bothersome because I sleep like the dead, and he isn’t prone to waking up and walking across my face during nap time. Thanks, Syd.

(I only got six hours of sleep last night, which was totally unacceptable. Hence the nap.)


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  1. Okay, he’s ADORABLE. Haha. Oscar used to sleep like that as a baby, but now.. he prefers sleeping at a distance. Unless it’s cold and wintery.. and then he sleeps with Jase. But not me. Boo!

  2. Aww so cute! The amount of times I’ve woken up with an aching back because I slept in some strange, akward position because the cat is snuggled up to me is just crazy! At least they are warm, furry and purr (ie. a pretty darn good hot water bottle!) – it makes it worth it.


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