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In which I let the internet dress me (again)

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So, here’s the deal, y’all: I’ve been in search of a new fall-to-winter coat for this year, with our upcoming trip to London (less than six weeks to go…) in mind. I had originally had a classic trench coat in mind, but I can’t find anything that looks like I don’t want to be called “gumshoe” (hey, remember Carmen San Diego?). It’s not going to be freezing when we’re there, but I trust that it will be chilly enough for me to want to enfold myself in something cozy, and it never gets that cold out here, so I don’t need anything too heavy-duty. Enter Forever 21, home of cheapie coats! The problem was, there were two equally adorable choices…and I came home with both of them, torn over which would be the one to make the transatlantic and fall-to-winter journey with me. As it turns out that I am sometimes incapable of making wardrobe choices for myself, I am turning to the kind strangers (and friends!) on the internets, who are more than willing to tell me what to do!

What’ll it be, folks?

Charcoal with snaps and a zipper closure, hits mid-thigh


Red double-breasted peacoat, hits at the hip


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  1. #1!! I love the styling of that one.

  2. Oh I love the red! Super cute! I love colored coats though. My favorite one is polka dotted.


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