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So, ok, aside from my fashion plea yesterday, I’ve been a little absent. Rather than apologize (because what is worse than blogging about blogging? Very little, is what), I’ll just say that I’ve been wine-tasting, getting excited at the prospect of a new job, watching a lot of baseball (hey-o, Wild Card race!), devouring Mockingjay, and getting excited to tote my new (to me– it’s a PaGP hand-me-down) camera to Disneyland. But the idea of either carrying around the bag that PaGP gave to me, which is a straight-up “hey look, everyone! There’s an expensive camera in here!” bag, or schlepping it around inside one of my several cavernous purses…well. It makes me more than a little nervous. Having seen some gorgeous handbag-looking camera bags recently, I decided to look around and see what I could get for a slightly more reasonable price. Enter Jo Totes! Besides being fun to say (“Jototes! Jototes!” Great, now it looks like a Spanish word), they. Are. Adorable. GP, being a wonderful husband and all-around awesomeface, suggested that one of these might be a good early birthday gift; my birthday isn’t until the beginning of December, but who am I to argue? So, friends, meet my new friend, which will hopefully be here before we leave next week for Disneyplace:

So cute, right?

And look at all that fits inside! You mean I can carry around my camera AND my apple?

Ladies with Big Fancy Cameras– what do you use when you’re gallivating about, snapping to your heart’s content? Have you heard anything, good or bad, about Jo Totes? Will you be annoyed if I say that I am “totes” excited about its arrival? (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

[Pictures borrowed from the Jo Totes website.]


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  1. So cute! I love all the compartments. I’m always losing things in my bags, so this would be a perfect solution.

  2. I freakin’ love the color purple (hey, showing on SJ Broadway come October/November!) and the bag is super cute. It doesn’t even look like a camera bag! You can tote it all around town!

    • Ooh, how much are tickets to that? It would be pretty fun, and we could go to Scott’s before and pretend we’re juniors in high school again (dude, remember that?).

  3. Omgosh, I am dying at the cuteness of these bags. They fit big giant cameras in them? I’m in loooooove. 😀

    • Thanks! I have gotten more compliments than I anticipated (I mean, sure, I expected a few!), and am officially in love with how handy my bag has been when I’m lugging around my big camera. And even when I’m not carrying the camera, I love that I can play with the arrangement of the compartments. Dorky, probably, but I love not having to dig around my giant bag for a pen or a lip gloss.


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