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What (not to?) wear

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When it comes to clothing, I generally know what I like, and have a fairly solid idea of what suits my body. All of this confidence (such as it is), though, is apparently completely useless when contemplating what I’ll be wearing to a second (!!!) interview at an academic library tomorrow. For the first interview, I wore a shrunken black blazer, red ruffled tank, and black pants; the shoes, though adorable, gave me a record number of blisters as I took an unintentional tour of the campus on my way to the interview. I’m thrilled that I’ve been invited back for a lunch interview (we’ll be eating somewhere on campus, I assume), but am in quite the pickle: what the heck am I going to wear? GP and a librarian friend have cast their votes for two separate outfits, I have my preferences, but…I need some validation. Or whatever you can call it when the internet is voting on what you should wear.The options? [Apologies in advance for semi-terrible pictures. I’m still afraid I’ll drop the Nikon when photographing one-handedly.]

Blue pants, a black and blue tie-neck top, to be worn with a low bun and black flats. How very librarian-y.

Brown pants and a flowery top, probably topped with a red or brown shoes?

Glen plaid pants, a light pink tank, and a long open ivory cardigan. Likely with bone-colored flats.

Red tie-neck top and brown undecided.

Brown pants with a salmon square-neck top

White linen button-down with blue pants

Please to keep in mind: this is an art library, and it is supposed to be 85-95 degrees tomorrow. No pressure or anything, but if I don’t get the job, I’m pretty much going to hold y’all responsible.


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  1. My vote went to option 1. My only concern is the tie-neck top becoming a nuisance during the process of eating. Of course, I’m sure you’ve already planned to choose a dish that involves low chances of mess-making. Regardless, good luck!

  2. #1 for sure. I’m kind of obsessed with that top, it’s the perfect library-interview shirt.

  3. Yep, I vote for #1, too. I would also bring a cardigan or light jacket in case wherever you’re eating is mega air-conditioned, but you know that cardigans are my security blankets (I need one all the time! Just in case!), so take that with a grain of salt. Good luck!

  4. Option 1 is my favorite and is safe. But I do like Option 2 for weather appropriateness.Last three are too casual. Good luck Megan!!!

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