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A House Divided

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One thing we DO agree on? Minor league baseball is pretty great.

While there is general agreement in the household during the NHL (Sharks!), NFL (he likes the Giants, I have little to no preference, and am happy to support Little Brother Eli), and NBA (neither of us could care less) seasons, I cannot say that this is the case throughout the entire sporting year. Take, for instance, most college sports. This is where our undergrad backgrounds shine through (because, let’s face it, neither of us can bring ourselves to support our mediocre-at-best grad school alma mater): GP is an ACC guy, and I am a Pac-10 (-11? What are we supposed to call it now?) girl. With both of us coming from Division 1 schools, there is bound to be some discord. We have, however, reached a tentative peace; it’s unlikely that our respective teams face each other in the regular season, and their particular strengths in recent seasons have made it pretty rare that they see each other in the post-season (though it has happened, and was a tense  time). Let’s see how it will shake out when we have kids, though, because I am of the opinion that a baby Bruin is way cuter than an infant Yellow Jacket— what do you think?

More recently, there has arisen the issue of the MLB. Now, being a child (and now amateur adult) of the Bay Area (and all-around reasonable human being), I’m a Giants fan. I can appreciate the A’s, but the Coliseum is an awful ballpark, and I just can’t get behind the AL. And GP? Well, I suppose I could settle for being grateful that, being from New York, he’s not a Yankees fan. Instead, he has been a Braves fan since he was a kid– an affection that I can only imagine was strengthened by seven years in Atlanta. As this season has gone on, it seems more and more possible that our teams will be competing, directly or indirectly, for a spot in the post-season. This weekend is their last series of the season, and I think it’s safe to say that we’re going to be a little tense (the Bravos came out ahead last night, but the Gigantes have a pretty strong hold over the Wild Card— and I think we strengthen our bond through shared animosity toward the PhilliesGP).

This, however? Just uncalled for. Tim Lincecum can wear his hair however he likes, as long as he keeps bringing me that just-about-3 ERA. Oh, Timmy.


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