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Project Runway: some scattered thoughts on the season thus far

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There are relatively few people that instantly bothered me, but here are my annoyances:

  • Jason the Bowler Hat Guy: enough already. You wear a creepy headpiece, and constantly insist you’re straight. Look, we don’t care either way– just stop being a weirdo. You created a completely ridiculous garment, and will not be missed. (And skipping out on the opportunity for Tim to say, “Bonne chance”? You are awful.)
  • Mondo: stop complaining about being excluded when you don’t talk to anyone. All that skulking around isn’t helping anything. [Note: I wrote this before he had his teary confessional moment, and now I feel like a bit of a jerk. Mondo, I’ll be your friend! Just loosen up.]

So far, I’m enjoying Peach, Gretchen, Valerie, and Christopher the most (also, dear lord, I find it sort of precious that Andy brought an airbrush makeup machine). [Post-results: I’m going to miss Nicholas! Even though he made a semi-silly look for this challenge.] I fear that Peach may not be long for the PR world, which is a bummer because she’s an “older” contestant who manages not to be a Marla or Wendy Pepper (and, yes, this most recent dress was a bit of a disaster). Gretchen has proven herself to be a bit of a badass, winning the first and second challenges, and saying that, while she’s a “green” designer, fashion comes first– hopefully this means cool sustainable fabrics rather than burlap-sack capri pants. Oh, and bonus points for using “literally” correctly, especially after someone else (SARAH!) so grossly misused it in the beginning of the episode. [Plus, the “My mom’s going to be so proud!” comment had me all misty. Crying is one of my hobbies, it seems.]

The designers don’t seem completely bent on destroying each other just yet, which is refreshing– it’s nice to see the guys and the girls hanging out and being friends, rather than saying things like, “I’m not here to make friends.” Chill, folks on other reality shows. We know why you’re there.

Oh, and the new 90-minute episode length isn’t as bothersome to me as I thought it would be, at least not yet. Especially here in the beginning, it’s giving the audience a chance to get to know the contestants, but I do worry about what will happen as the season wears on.

Have you been watching? Who do you like so far? Whose auf-ing cannot come soon enough? What other headwear might Jason want to consider?


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  1. I love that show. Jason was SOOOO obnoxious. That dress was just awful. I felt sorry for his model. I thought that she was going to cry.
    I didn’t really like Peach’s dress. It reminded me of that ‘spilled food on a tablecloth’ dress that what’s-his-name made last year, when they got to design their own fabric.

    • What really killed me about Jason is how gracelessly, at the end, he handled his elimination. How did he think that dress was defensible? Gah. And I think you may be right about Peach– she is likely on the way out soon, unless she makes some major changes.


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