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Where in the World Wednesday: Tropical North Queensland

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So, you may be familiar with the fact that I have eleventy billion pictures from our Australian honeymoon. And, what do you know, here are some more! When we left Sydney, we headed up to Cairns, stayed in Palm Cove (just outside Cairns, which seemed a bit full of backpackers for my taste, so good call, GP), and thoroughly enjoyed the “hang out next to the pool/beach” segment of our trip. Witness…

Next to a big public pool area in Cairns proper– we were not bathing suited-up, but did manage to have an amazing dinner. (GP couldn’t resist the name of this place, but be forewarned, there is auto-play music on their site! Bad job, restaurant.)

Another side trip during this leg was to the rainforest in Kuranda, where we saw a real, live snake (no kidding, it was just slithering around and scaring me), learned ways in which many plants can kill us, and took a train through the mountains. Side note: I wore the hell out of my UCLA cap, and Greg had brought his SJSU t-shirt– would anyone have been able to guess that he was the one who got more comments on his collegiate attire? Yes, I am sort of an elitist. Sorry.

Our last full day was spent out on the Great Barrier Reef, where I managed to get a crazy, sci-fi-level sunburn on my back– who could have guessed that floating around all day with my be-masked face in the water would result in such searing pain? You know, except me. Because I am fully aware of my pigment challenges. All this after I had laid awake all night, imagining all the potentially terrifying creatures that would try to eat me as I explored the Big Blue World! Really, though, in the end, it was definitely one of those “once in a lifetime” experiences, truly. And! We got cake at the end! And tea! Tea and cake time, you guys. I just about died.


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