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Where in the World Wednesday: Melbourne

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It has only recently occurred to me that I could spread out some honeymoon pictures, rather than blowing my Australia wad on on a single WitWW. Yes, it’s been about nine months since the honeymoon, but let’s all just bask in my genius for a second. There, that’ll do.

First up, a picture of the Victoria State Library– one of several libraries we stopped into over the course of this trip, and certainly the most classically constructed. Isn’t it lovely? Look at all those people enjoying the spring sunshine!

While in Melbourne– which I had heard compared to San Francisco, a comparison that I can definitely understand, given the neighborhoodiness (yes, that’s a word now) and energy of the city– we took in a performance of Chicago at this theater just down the street from our hotel. No, I didn’t wear this outfit. But you get the idea. Lights! And lots of ’em! (The show was good, even if it was weird to see Aussie actors doing American accents.)

Our final day in Melbourne (and the final day of our honeymoon, so sad!) was spent on a wine tour in the Yarra Valley. Given baggage restrictions, we only ended up bringing home four or so bottles of wine, but had an awesome time touring and tasting– and finally tasting kangaroo! (Or at least GP did– I stuck with a butternut squash lasagna.)


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