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Shop it to Me Tuesday: Mad Men

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In anticipation of the triumphant return of Mad Men (only five more days to go! I’m watching dvr-ed episodes and remembering how awesome this show is), I’ve decided to theme today’s SitM Tuesday to styles that might fit into the early-60s aesthetic of the show. (Oh, and for a more legitimate fashion review of the looks on the show, check out Project Rungay’s rundown of Mad style.)

First, let’s remember a lesson from Joan: “Men love scarves.” Who am I to argue?

Next in accessories, a fun, graphic black-and-white bangle. Maybe a little chunky for any of the MM ladies, though Jane Sterling might be able to pull it off, or maybe Trudy Campbell, who I like a lot more. (Hello, did you see that Charleston?)

Moving on to potential office-wear, what do we think of this cardigan?

To me, this seems like the quintessential Betty Draper dress, when she’s in her more princessy mode.

Finally, some swimwear— maybe something for Trudy when she’s hanging out with her parents in Rehoboth Beach? (This is probably the item in today’s post that I’m most fond of, mostly because of the halter and interesting embellishment.)

All right, friends– who else is looking forward to the return of Mad Men? Whose Mad Men style do you most want to borrow?

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