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Shop It to Me Tuesday: All the Pretty Dresses

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In a previous life, I had a job that required business casual attire. In that life, I often deferred to the power of The Dress, as it is a nearly instantly put-together look– and one that often causes people to ask you why you’re so dressed up. (Double win!) Now that I’m mostly jeans-and-t-shirt intern (though still put-together, I swear) with a pitiful bank account, I do most of my dress-ing up in my online window-shopping daydreams. Witness…

A gray pinstriped sheath from DKNY, on sale at ShopBop. It looks kind of blah on its own, but I think either brightly-colored or heavyish metallic accessories would make it pretty interesting.

I’ve never been able to find a shirt dress that I love (maybe something to do with body shape? Ample-hipped ladies, help me out here!), but I do like the idea of this sweet Tory Burch. I’m not convinced that I would go with a blue shoe, though (and I know that’s not the point, but still– style your looks, TB!).

You know what would look awesome on me, though? This zipper-detailed raspberry number from ABS. I love the color, appreciate the sleeves, and think that I could just about get away with not wearing a necklace with this one.

If this were a more wedding-heavy summer, and I wasn’t in the middle of The Great Arm Anxiety Period of 2010, this Calvin Klein would already be on its way to my doorstep. Despite not-so-great reviews on the Nordstrom site, I’d be willing to chance it based on the fun orange color alone.

Then again, maybe I’d go with this Laundry by Shelli Segal silk strapless. I love the print, and the fact that the little hints of lilac bring it juuuuust outside simple black-and-white territory.

Ladies of the internets– how do you feel about dresses? Are they the one-piece outfits that are the solution to the “Ohmygah, I have nothing to wear!” issue? Needlessly fussy? Anyone? Bueller?


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