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Caturday: Laundry time!

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This is not unusual cat behavior, I know. The stupidest part of this whole laundry process is that Sydney couldn’t give two shits about laundry when it’s in a warm pile– oh no, he is all about climbing into the basket when all the newly folded clothes have been (lovingly!) placed inside. Observe:

I'm in ur laundry, makin ur shirts all furry

Anyone care to guess why, though our other, anonymous laundry basket was straight up stolen from our previous apartment complex laundry room, my Greek-lettered one was never swiped?

Any begging for him to please remove himself is met with THIS face.

Kitty doesn’t know, either. He does know that he prefers the ease of having his own laundry room– the better to get stuck behind the dryer and howl for help!

I keel you!

Any attempts to physically remove him? Met with the claws. He is not messing around.

The money shot: a cuddle with GP's undies

Basically, he will stay in there until one of us removes him or puts the laundry away. While I wish I could say we were even remotely quick about the latter, it is usually the former (and the promise of a Greenie) that lures him away from his plastic palace.


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  1. It DOES look awfully comfy. HA! My toddler thinks there is nothing more fun than tearing apart the piles of laundry I just folded. Le sigh.

  2. Megan, I love you and miss you and ADORE that you still have your ADPi laundry basket.


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