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Dial A for (over) Achiever

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With one minor exception (that I won’t count because I didn’t actually want to succeed), I haven’t ever interviewed for a job that I didn’t get. To make this a statement without qualification, let me say that I haven’t ever interviewed for a full-time job that I didn’t get (for the record, the one “failure” was an “audition” for Cold Stone, who can go jump in a lake). The first job that I got right out of undergrad– nailed it! (And it was a group interview. How much does everyone hate these?) The next one, that I found through a friend who worked at the company? Not a problem. And my current, not-full-time-but-have-still-been-there-for-two-years, slowly working my way up in hours job? Got it. Part of it is that I know my strengths and have no problem talking about what I don’t know or do so well, and another part can probably be attributed to the sorority girl in me, who has no problem being “on” (which is not to say fake) and fully devoting herself to the conversation at hand (ask me about my 100% recruitment return rate!).

Why am I telling you all of this? Not just to brag about how awesome I am, oh no. See, after months and months of sending out resumes, drafting cover letters, and crossing my fingers until they cramped, I’ve finally been able to set up a phone interview. Now, this might just be the first of a series of seven interviews, but I’ll take it– after all, it’s the first thing I’ve heard out of anyone other than, “Thank you for sending in your resume. We’ll let you know.” I. Am. Pumped. Oh, and also? I am nervous. It’s a regular, pre-interview version of nervous, but nervous all the same. I can meet all the requirements they have in the description, and then some, and, goshdarnit, I’m employable! Really, they should just hire me now.

At any rate, friends, I’m somewhere between elated and terrified, so send me some good vibes at about 1 tomorrow afternoon (PST!). Couldn’t hurt, right?


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  1. how’d it go?! hopefully well!

    • I think it went well– it was much more of a chat than an interview, as the company in question is really a recruiter hired by a client that I’d be doing the work for. At any rate, I’ve been given tips on making my resume super-compelling, as well as instructions to send in some writing samples. Come onnnn, full-time, work-at-home employment!


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