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Where in the World Wednesday: Atlanta

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Just over three years ago, two of our former roommates got married in Charleston– but that’s another WitWW. Today, I’ll share a couple pictures from the Atlanta leg of that trip, which we affectionately dubbed The Trip of Northern Aggression. Because we…are sort of jerks.

Here I am, throwin’ up the sign at the Georgia Tech ADPi chapter house. Tech is GP’s alma mater, and I was completely relieved when none of the girls came out to chase the crazy lady out of their front yard.

And here we are at the World of Coke! It’s magical in there, and you get your very own “fresh” bottle of Coke to take home where, if you’re anything like us, it will sit around for a couple years, slowly evaporating. Second-best part? The Royal Sampler at the end of the tour, with all the alternately strange and tasty beverages (including Coca Light for me and blue Powerade for GP).


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