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Shop It to Me Tuesday: The Good, the Bad, and the Sunburned

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After a lovely four-day weekend, the last thing I wanted to do was head back to work. Not only did it mean an end to a nice streak of afternoon naps, but there was also the medium-sized issue of the nearly fifteen-degree temperature disparity between home and the town in which my internship is located. Microclimates, why you got to be like that? Unacceptable. Ah well, on to the coveting! Here’s what I’m loving today…

A sassy little Tory Burch dress– simple, breezy, just all-around lovely. On sale for $255. Should have started saving in February.

I promise I didn’t do this on purpose, but here’s another Tory Burch item— I love the jewel tone and the dip dye! If I weren’t experiencing a Level Four Arm Chub Situation and had $200 lying around, this top would be mine.

This SitM Tuesday isn’t going to be all about the loves, though, friends! Here are some abominations that I have to warn the internets about– sorry if you’re sporting any of them. We can probably still be friends, but I can’t promise there won’t be some mockery.

Sorry Marc Jacobs. If I’m going to be wearing a fricking jumpsuit, I’d better either be four years old or changing someone’s oil. Just to get this straight– does one not have to be nearly nude to go to the bathroom in one of these, or do they have a trapdoor?

Guys. Are these or are these not the footwear equivalent of front-pocket sticking out, trashy, Britney Spears-circa-2007 cutoff jeans? I cannot get behind this.

Oh, and the Sunburned. The SUNBURNED. I had a big fashion win at H&M when I found the Breton-esque striped top I had been dreaming of for about $10, but it was totally sullied today by a ridiculous back/neck sunburn obtained during a particularly grueling mini-golf outing. See, this is what color my skin usually is…

And this is what color, humiliatingly, the back of my neck and the uppermost part of my back is…

Shameful. You may not be able to really tell, and this is definitely not the worst sunburn ever, but still. SPF-containing body moisturizer FAIL.


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