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Where in the World Wednesday: Epcot!

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A poorly kept secret about me is that I love Disney to teeny little pieces. As you can also tell from looking at this set of photos on Flickr, I like to wear ridiculous hats and pose for pictures (this may or may not have to do with the “drinking around the world” game that some people play in Epcot’s World Showcase). Here’s a favorite:

My mom, who apparently knows me all too well, asked me this question upon seeing the above picture: “Exactly how many margaritas did you have before this picture?” I promise, the answer is only one! I was just swept away by the magic of the Mexico pavilion. Additional joys of this particular area include the popular game, Ball in a Cup, which GP made his bitch. See?

Of course, during the six or so days that we spent around the Walt Disney World complex, we too approximately eleventy billion pictures of The Ball. Behold…


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  1. We went to Disney World last winter and it was one of the best trips ever! We basically ate our way through Epcot (we tried to drink in every country but I’m a lightweight and couldn’t get past Mexico and Italy without feeling like I was going to pass out).

    • Winter is definitely the time to go– we were there in January (of 2009), and came to the conclusion that anyone there in, say, August, is completely insane. My suggestion for drinking “around the world” is to split it up into two days. I think I would have been falling-down drunk (instead of just fun, Disney drunk) if we had tried to do it all at once…


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