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Shop it to Me Tuesday: Sparkle and Shine Edition

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Remember the challenge on season two of Project Runway, where they have to make pieces out of materials from a florist? And how Uncle Nick made the very, very shiny dress of leaves covered in lacquer? And how Heidi liked it, and Michael Kors said that she just liked it because it was shiny, and she’s German? Today is sort of like that. Except, in this version, I’m Heidi Klum and the leaves/lacquer dress is actually a handful of items that caught my eye in my Shop it to Me email this morning. You following me?

Here is the least shiny item, a pair of Nine West shoes called Spumanti (adorable), from Piperlime. They still count as “sparkle and shine,” on account of the little chain accent, see?

Next up, I’m not even kidding around with The Shiny. This Tory Burch top is not even joking.

Again with the Tory Burch, here are some of the oh-so-famous Reva flats. If you’re feeling charitable, I’m a size 8 (oh, and rose gold, please).Oh, and because I love Kate Spade to teeny little pieces and just can’t resist a Big Ol’ Ring

And now, finally, a purse. A big, shiny purse. I am truly in love with the Genevieve bag, but this work tote from Cole Haan is pretty sweet, too.

All right, internets. What fabulously shiny finds am I missing out on? (Sorry for the horrific prepositions. It’s Tuesday.)


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  1. You hit my faves… Kate Spade… Tory Burch… Nine West… drool.

  2. Why does everyone own those flats? I see them on pretty much every woman walking down the street in NYC. Are they really better than..any other flats?

    • I’m not sure why they’re so popular– for all I know, they could be pretty uncomfortable. Basically, they’re like the flats version of Uggs. Which, fine, I own, but do not wear ridiculously (that is, with miniskirts, or even tucked into my jeans).

  3. We gave that ring away on our blog a few weeks back. I totally wanted to keep it. HA!


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