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Where in the World Wednesday: Paris!

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This is my first WitWW, and a timely one, too, as it was nearly two years ago that we took this trip. GP’s sister had just gotten married, and his parents generously offered to take us on a “honeymoon” of our own in Paris.

Here we are at our last dinner in a restaurant down the street from the apartment we rented in the 16th arrondissement — truly a sad night! Our waitress apparently moonlighted as a photographer, as we have four nearly-identical versions of this one image.

Our first full day (yes, traveling backward in time, shut up about it) consisted of the Grand Tour of the city, starting early from the Champs de Mars, working from the Pantheon (the location of this picture) through the Tuileries, and finally up the Champs Elysees and all. the. way. up the stairs to the top of the Arc de Triomphe. MaGP, tricky lady that she is, finagled a ride on an elevator.

Yes, GP is making a weird face in this picture, which was taken on a side trip to Versailles, but there’s a great story here! We thought we were being all romantic…but, lo and behold, the sky opened right the eff up above us, and we were drenched. He couldn’t paddle the boat back to the little dock area fast enough. Romantic, indeed.

It’s a good thing he proposed to me the next day, in a dry picnic outing to the Bois du Boulogne… (Yes, I was that jackass who gets engaged in Paris.)


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  1. Getting engaged in Paris would be so much fun! No wonder that you love the city so much! And its too bad it started raining when you were on the boat, because it looks like it would have been so fun to head out on the lake at Versailles!


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