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“Why are you looking at shoes?” asks GP, casting a wary eye in my $12-an-hour-earning direction.

“Relax, it’s for the blog.” [Have I mentioned that I would love to have a real, full-time librarian job, like, yesterday?] Here’s the latest edition of Shop It To Me Tuesday, friends!

I am up to two pairs of white pants, but one more couldn’t hurt, right? These are $152 at Piperlime, but only if you’re a size 24. Relatedly, if you are a size 24, I am incredibly jealous of you.

Something that is wonderful about summer in the Bay is that, when the sun goes down, it cools right off. Not so wonderful? You are stuck in that adorable tank top, shivering. Enter this scarf, with a nice pop of color that will add a little punch to your standard jeans and t-shirt and keep you a little warmer to boot. For $25 from Piperlime, I’ll take it.

Oh, what’s that, adorable tank top? You have a cute-but-not-too-fussy bow? Ok, you can come, too…unfortunately, your $119 price tag makes me a little hesitant. Maybe when I’m a grownup.

This DVF coverup would likely serve as a top (over a nude tank, of course) with jeans, but would you blame me? I love these colors too much to wear it only to the pool. $135 at Bluefly…sigh.

Our tickets to London in October are booked. Don’t you think I should be taking a classic trench? I like this Michael Kors number from Bluefly, but it might elicit a side-eye or two from the mister. Good thing I have a few months to save up…


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  1. I’m pretty sure that’s the only time you’ll be jealous of someone size 24 as it is DIFFICULT to find any clothes at that size that aren’t horrible (spoken as a woman who was once a size 22).

    With that said, I’d like that scarf, please.

    • Agreed– however, in this case, the jeans had a waist size of 24, so it wasn’t typical women’s sizing (dress sizes and whatnot). Upon further thought, though, I don’t think I’d like to have a size 24 waist…it would look weird to have my hip bones jutting out there.


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