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The triumphant return of Shop It to Me Tuesday!

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Now that I’m on the Gilt/RueLaLa/HauteLook train, poor little Shop It to Me sometimes gets overlooked. But no more! I remembered how much I used to enjoy scrolling through the picks from my favorite online shops, so here it comes: what I would be buying right now if I were making more than Pitiful Library Intern money.

First up, a striped boatneck top from Ralph Lauren. I’m seriously craving a Breton-style striped shirt this summer, and this one (available in red and blue, but no classic black and white) would probably fit the bill.

Yes, yes, another top. I love wearing white in the summer– so breezy, right?– and I’m in love with the ruffly airiness of this DVF number, available from ShopBop. It comes in a pretty sweet yellow, too, but the model in the picture for that color is wearing some pretty fug high-waisted shorts.

Finallly, a shoe! A ruffled flat from Steve Madden, in champagne suede because I like a little sparkle in my shoes. Given that it’s $34.99 right now, I just might be picking these up…

All right– that’s all for this week! I wonder what eye candy SitM will bring my way next Tuesday…


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  1. I need those shoes ASAP.


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