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Dear Internet,

I was thinking today that France is pretty lucky that they have a governing body to pay attention to the preservation of the integrity of their language. Now, I am not about to suggest that language should cease to be influenced by others, but I am most decidedly against wanton bastardization of English that is often the result of playing fast and loose with grammar and spelling. So, I present to you, a PSA on language, from your friend Megan.

1. “weary” is not the same as “wary”

2. “loose” is not the same as “lose”

3. There are two forms of the word that contains the letters y, o, u, and r. They, too, mean different things.

4. No matter how hard you wish, “alot” will never be a valid word. Not in Scrabble, and certainly not in life. Sorry.

5. If I have to read the phrase “sneak peak” one. more. time, I swear…I will go even crazier.

6. “Would of”? REALLY? Look, I understand phonetic spelling, and good on you for recognizing that letters make sounds, and by this logic can be used to for words, but let’s be aware of contractions.

7. Quotation marks are often misused, and it’s only hilarious about 12% of the time. Same goes with finger quotes.

I will grant that English is a ridiculous language, idiosyncratic and full of exceptions-to-the-rule, but let’s all agree that we need to learn the rules first and break them second, shall we?


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