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And then, all of a sudden…

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It seems like summer has just crept in around here– the sun finally showed its face after Memorial Day, school has been over for a couple weeks now, and Saturday saw the installation of a small (and yet still sort of eyesore-y) air conditioner for our living room which had become shockingly warm for a day in early June.

This weekend was one like many I hope we’ll have this summer: kicking off with a Friday evening wine release event, waking up before the heat set in to get some gardening done, lingering over coffee and the current library book, back-to-back baseball games on tv, and a stroll down to our friendly neighborhood Greek festival.

Sure, Monday rolls around and I am again confronted by the fact that I have too much to do at work and not enough time to do it, and the “I have to find a real, full-time job now” panic continues (I don’t graduate until December, but I like to think I’m getting a jump on things), but the sense that another weekend is always fewer than five days away is enough to get me through. Well, that and booze.

What did you get up to last weekend, lovelies?


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