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Much to everyone’s surprise, I’m sure, here are the winners of the Cooking, Travel, and Paper 200th Post Giveaway Extravaganza…

Cooking – Mrs. Gallery Place (Email me your address!)

Travel – RA (I feel like I should have your address somewhere, but my address book says otherwise. Email, por favor.)

Paper – Arielle (Got it covered. Get excited!)

In completely unrelated news, I think I’m getting some sort of seasonal urge to Eat Less Science. Maybe we can blame Jamie Oliver and his Food Revolution (actually haven’t seen the show, but am definitely in favor of kids– and adults– eating Actual Food), but I think it’s the burgeoning abundance of goodness at the farmer’s market. Anyone else getting this feeling? Bueller?


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  1. Yayyy I love winning stuff!

  2. I am so psyched to win a passport holder because I would never buy one for myself, all the while pining away for it. Woo hoo!


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