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Wouldn’t trade it

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In the scheme of all the weekends in one’s life, it’s doubtful that this one would stick out. Nothing life-changing happened, no completely new experiences were had. But still, after a Friday in which I not only got to see the friend who was my maid of honor (for the first time since the wedding, nearly six months ago) and meet her boyfriend for the first time, but also have our house’s inaugural barbecue with another set of friends, and a Saturday in which we were visited by cross-country friends and did our typical “look how great California is!” tour (wine-tasting on a gloriously sunny day), followed by a barbecue dinner and movie-watching, I have to say: I wouldn’t trade it for anything. (You get ten points if you made it through that sentence. I don’t think I should be able to write anything before 9 in the morning.) We’re calm, we’re happy, and we have all that we need. (Don’t worry, though, I’ll be back to writing unsent scathing letters in short order.)

Oh, and by the way: if you haven’t entered the 200th post giveaway extravaganza…you should. Because right now, there are three entries. Three. And, um…that’s how many things I’m giving away, and even I can do that math.

Have a wonderful Sunday, internet loves!


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  1. I'm so happy that things are going well and that you had an inaugural barbecue at your home. That sounds lovely. And it sounds like something we need to have ASAP.


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