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Today we lunch in the tub!

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I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather, and took to bed immediately upon getting home from my half-day of interning (oh yes, my life is so hard…I had to work for four whole hours today!). The kitty, of course, was a fan of this idea, and I decided to capitalize on my illness and “let’s just stay in bed” mood and make the queen-size ground zero for all my afternoon operations. Luckily, this only included a bit of reading, a rousing round of Plants vs. Zombies (hopelessly addicted, sorry), a lunch of Goldfish crackers, and a few hours of Rick Steves’ Europe that had built up in the Tivo. Over IM, I had to let GP know that Sydney and I had decided to conduct all of our business henceforth from the bed. He, of course, pointed out difficulties like using the bathroom and going to work. Because he is a curmudgeon.

In potentially exciting news, we’re coming up on T&CT’s 200th post! I didn’t do any celebrating for the 100th, but I was thinking of rewarding one (or a couple, who knows) of my faithful readers (you’re still there, right?) with a giveaway of some sort. Ideas? I’m a lady of limited means but solid culinary skills– maybe some salted caramels? How well would my gougeres ship?

(Did anyone else read this book when they were a kid? It’s funny how some things stick in your mind. P.S. The New House doesn’t even have a tub, which is sort of a bummer.)


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  1. You had me at "salted caramels"


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