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NaNo…not even going to attempt

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I don’t think that the best way to welcome myself back to Blogtown USA after taking a “Hot damn, I’m getting married and going on a big fat honeymoon, y’all!” break for the last month and a half would be to try blogging every single day (witness my previous failure to do this), but I promise you this, blogfriends: you will have the wedding preamble, wedding day stories, and honeymoon recaps by the time Thanksgiving rolls around. Well, I guess I can push it back to my birthday if I’m being realistic. But that’s it! December 2 is my self-imposed deadline for getting all. These. Stories. Into writing!

The short version? I got married! It was awesome! Then? We went on our honeymoon. Also awesome! But then, last Friday, we had to come back home, and today…they made me do work. Which is not as awesome as vacation, even though I enjoy my job and coworkers. So at this moment, all I really want to do is play with my duty-free Jurlique products and come closer to finishing My Life In France.


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  1. Yay wedding and honeymoon! Sorry about that whole work thing, though.I sincerely hope that these recaps will include photos. Many photos!


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