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He offered to guest post, and I nearly spit out my wine. “You would? Really? That would be so awesome.” I do, at times, feel like I can only say so much about how annoying I find Taylor on the Rachel Zoe Project and post so many pictures of my kitchen experiments. So get excited, friends– GP is at least nine kinds of fun.

Whether he’s expressing frustration (but still appears to be smiling) at a lousy crossword clue…
Being terrified on a theme park ferris wheel (there’s the smile again– what gives?)…
Taking in a 3D movie about bugs, that happens to be narrated by Dame Judi Dench…
Or just taking a break and enjoying a good old-fashioned game of ball-in-a-cup (yes, that’s what that blur is)……he is generally pretty good times. Bonus: he knows all my secrets, and will probably tell them to you if you offer the right combination of booze and salty meats. If you have questions, ask ’em, and if not…well, get excited, because who knows what the hell he’ll end up writing about.


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I read, I write, I drink wine while watching way too much tv. Let's be friends.

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  1. Aww, so freaking cute! I cannot wait to see what he writes.It's a shame that I cannot think of any questions…


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