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The Best-Friend Problem

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Warning: this post starts mushily, and will end even more so. For the faint of heart, click away now!

Ok, so for the same reason that I do not have a favorite color (I am not nine years old), I do not really have a “best friend.” I don’t want my friends to think that they have to compete for my affection (because you know there would be fistfights if they did), and each friendship is so different that I wouldn’t even know where to begin choosing a “best.” A related problem to this is that I am fairly uncomfortable even using the term “best friend”– I don’t describe anyone as such, and can’t really bear to say that I am “marrying my best friend.” Just like “journey” and “soul mate,” “best friend” sort of makes my skin crawl. I can’t explain it…and, because we are writing our ceremony with a lot of help from our awesome officiant, I don’t have to. What I do have to do, however, is find adequate words to express what we’re feeling. Commence brow furrowing!

And then. Last night, amid cheers and agonized cries brought on by the beginning of college football season, GP turns to me and says, “You know how you are trying to find another way to say ‘best friend’ for the ceremony? What about…constant?” He assured me that he was about 40% joking, and it may have been the combination of beer and cheap riesling responding, but I was instantly won over. Sure, it is a fairly dorky term from a television show. But! People who know it in the context of Lost are likely to smile along, and people that don’t know the connection are likely to still “get it” and appreciate the term for its own, non-sci-fi-tv-show-related, meaning. Right? Is this a terrible idea? Because right now, when I look at our ceremony and I look at this clip, I feel like it just…fits.


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  1. I'm obsessed, obsessed, obsessed with this clip! Oh, and Lost of course!

  2. As you know, I totally agree. The skin crawling thing… that's it. It's just WRONG somehow. All these commenters on my post today are saying how this is just a question of semantics, and that's probably true, but in the interest of politeness, I didn't express in my post how much it makes me shudder when I hear people talking about marrying their best friends.


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