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Let’s accessorize, shall we?

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Now that we are within two months of the wedding (seriously, less than fifty days…let’s freak out for a minute about that), just about all the Big Decisions are made. We have a lovely venue (with two coordinators whose heads I want to just knock together sometimes, they are so frustrating), an officiant, a florist, a (super-ninja) photographer, a DJ, clothing, attendants, the whole shebang. Since I have decided that I do not want to be making decisions about the wedding past, say, mid-September, we’ve begun planning some details. You’ll be happy to know (you will, won’t you?) that we have decided upon a first-dance song (point, Buble!), the ceremony is in a nearly-completed state, bridesmaid and maid-of-honor gifts have been purchased, and, oh yes, there are shoes!

And then, on a recent shopping trip to the Stanford Shopping Center (likely my new favorite mall, luckily–for my AmEx bill–too far away to visit regularly), mom bought these for me:

Cue a teary exit from Bloomingdales– it seems so real when we’re thinking of things like earrings, rather than, “What might be a good month for the wedding?” and “The dress– white or ivory?”

Finally, and most excitingly (that’s a word, right?), The Precious has a new friend:

They look cozy together, don’t they. I’m not gonna lie, GP and I have been “practicing” wearing our rings. We sit around the living room and he says, “Look at me…I’m a married dude.” My future husband, ladies and gentlemen…


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