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So, the wedding is only about two and a half months away. After months and months of putting things off or figuring that we (read: I) would “get around to them,” we’re now having to put together all those last pieces. It feels real now, and it feels good. Also a little crazy. Who gets married? What are we– grownups?

The invites have been sent (and we got our first RSVP last Friday! Hurray!), the florist has been booked (he is five feet, two inches of pure delight– and got me more excited about flowers than I thought I would ever be), the dress is here (and pending alterations, which apparently don’t happen until about six weeks out), and our tasting is on Wednesday (more of a formality, fine, but yay for food!). This is going to happen, really happen. I have known this, of course, for over a year now, but getting all of these to-do’s accomplished makes me feel like we are making visible progress toward it, not just checking off days.

We’ve been meeting with and talking to officiants, which has made me a little regretful that I haven’t attended church (or been particularly religious) for about fifteen years– the choice would be so easy then! The idea of having a friend or family member officiate (something that we can do through the online ULC certification or through a county deputy commissioner thing) was quickly rejected because everyone has enough to do that day. But we are using all the power of the internets to try and find that Perfect Person to lead us through our vows. The first one we talked to was very thorough, having us fill out a questionnaire about why we thought our marriage would last, what we have learned from each other, and how we think of marriage. Our phone call lasted about an hour, and she seemed so interested in what we had to say, very committed to making our ceremony feel different. The second call, with another officiant, was yesterday morning. It was much shorter, she sounded (and is, I believe) younger, has definitely been doing this for a much shorter time than officiant #1. Then, yesterday afternoon, we met with yet another officiant, the first (and only) man we had on the short-list, and liked talking to him, too! The icing on that interaction was that he sent a follow-up email to GP saying that he “I know[s] [our] life together will be filled with lots of happiness. [We] are one of the few couples [he has] met who really KNOW themselves. That is such a refreshing quality.” I will admit it, I teared up at my desk. I know that, whoever we choose, we will have a great ceremony (that I will cry just about all the way through, no matter what)…I just wish the choice were easier! We have another meeting (our last) tonight, with officiant candidate #4. I’m sort of hoping that she’ll be awful, to make the choice simpler, but I am afraid she will be lovely. Yeah, I know, this is not a real problem.

All you married or about-to-be ladies and gentleman– how did you pick your officiant?

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