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Please don’t make our names rhyme

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May, we hardly knew ye. GP and I agreed at the beginning of May that we had both written the entire month off, due to the planned-since-the-moment-we-were-back-on-American-soil engagement party that his parents were throwing us in New York. The thinking was that, since the bulk of his extended family and all of his parents’ colleagues and friends live out there, it would be best to have something near them if we didn’t want to end up having a Big Fat Armenian/Italian Wedding (hint: we didn’t. Don’t. Whatever.) And so it came to be, that when anyone asked us to do anything in May, the idea was almost immediately rejected– this is how absolutely looming this party was.

And…yes, it totally lived up to our expectations. Because GP’s mom can throw a party like nobody’s business, it was lovely. Because I had been threatening the weather gods with my unending fury if there was a thunderstorm during our outdoor photo shoot, the weather was sunny, even if the air was full of what I think was tree sperm (in the form of cute little puffs, but still). Because we are fortunate enough to have people that care about us, we had a complete blast. It feels like we had a good practice run for the wedding– minus ceremony and most of the toasts and dancing (no first dance, no parent dances, etc)– and now I have some idea what people are talking about when they talk about it going so fast.

We’re still awaiting the official pictures (yes, there are those– and a video. What the hell), and so far the only unofficial pictures are of the most mortifying moment of the whole party (and not a portion of Wedding Day that I am looking forward to)…the cake cutting. Someone explain to me why cutting cake feels so awkward, please!

Now it feels like the wedding is coming up so fast! My dress is here, invitations are ordered, and mom has been put on flower duty (turns out I care very, very little about that aspect of the wedding). Four months and two days…is it honeymoon time yet?

P.S. Re: post title. For some reason, it is very tempting for wedding/engagement party guests to use shortened versions of our names because they rhyme. This is fine for GP– that’s what most people call him, anyway– but it is awkward for me because no one calls me that, and it happens to be the name of his most recent ex. So…enough with the rhymes, people.


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