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…can eat a bag of d*cks (to borrow a phrase from my librarian compatriot, NPW, who is dealing with the nastiness of school budgets and politics– actual problems, not like mine at the moment). Anyway. I am taking this Online Searching class, so that I can have Real Librarian Skills, rather than just being good at wearing cardigans and shushing people. Oh, and wearing glasses. And hair buns. And fulfilling so, so many stereotypes. The thing is, though? Online searching? Is hard, yo. It’s not all Google this and natural language query that…it is actually like a whole other language.

I had to complete my first assignment for the class tonight, and by that I mean that I did pretty much the entire assignment, because old habits die hard and I’ll be damned if I am going to change habits that got me (somehow) successfully through and out of undergrad and into library school. I like to live on the edge. Of complete insanity. Over the past six hours or so, I have gone from “Huh?!” to “Yessss!!!” and back a couple times, punctuated with a gruyere-and-apple sandwich (I recommend) and some Insaniquarium (also recommended). Now I am in that zone where I am too amped up to sleep, and too mentally exhausted to even pretend to be wedding planning. Maybe an episode of Say Yes to the Dress (because who doesn’t love a girl with a freaking $6500 dress budget?) and a cup of chamomile before I can get to bed.

In short, all you pre-library school people (I know you’re out there! I read your blogs), you need to know: they do not just hand out these master’s degrees. Do not let this dissuade you, though, because you are likely more on top of things than I am.


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