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Win: My mood has been fantastic recently, probably because I’ve been working out regularly. Weird, right? Thanks, endorphins!

Lose: I am convinced that I have some sort of specific social anxiety that rears its head only in my Issues in Academic Libraries class. It might be the combination of “I have no idea what I’m talking about,” a professor who is formidable and intimidating, and a few classmates who really, really like to talk. This week will be our third meeting, and I am determined to say something other than “here.”

Win: I tried on dresses for the first time with my mom a couple weekends ago, and it turns out I am not a plus-size bride. (They don’t vanity-size wedding dresses, folks!) The two dresses that I liked the best were this one and this one (sans flower).

Lose: The dress trying-on expedition for this past weekend was thwarted by a dental emergency that my mom had. Also, I have few local friends who are readily available for such tasks…so I stayed home and watched America’s Best Dance Crew at the gym. Not a total wash.

Win: I found a DJ who is also a pianist! And is not crazy-expensive! That means that I may only have to pay and feed one vendor for a couple services. Yay!

Lose: I have realized I would much rather be planning my wedding than doing schoolwork of any kind. This had led to massive amounts of procrastination and stress. Turns out grad school is just allowing me to continue the habits I developed as an undergrad…but if it wasn’t constantly rewarded with good grades, I’d stop! Seriously. Life is hard.

My weekend ended really well– first, I attended Wedding University with my best friend/MoH, then met up with another friend for some PF Chang’s. Wedding University is much more fun than graduate school, but I don’t know that it will improve my job prospects.

Lose: I have a terrible assignment that is due tonight by 11:59. I have no idea how to go about starting it. Whoops.


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