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Los fill-ins del viernes!

1. I’d really like to have both the will and physical strength to complete the first level of the 30 Day Shred without wanting to die right now.

2. “Whyyyyyy???” is the word you’d most often hear me say if I stubbed my toe. I like to be as dramatic as possible, as often as possible.

3. Possession is a pretty great book, but only an okay movie. Hello, it’s about English scholars! Totally a dream come true. Also, Aaron Eckhart. Delicious.

4. I’d like to have a drink with Captain Jack Sparrow. After that, I am not responsible for what happens.

5. Marshmallows and fire go together like…peanut butter and jelly? Man, now I totally want a roasted marshmallow. And some sort of fire. Can one roast a marshmallow over a candle?

6. If you get me talking about cooking, I could go on and on. I feel like I know just enough to be knowledgeable, but am still insecure enough about my skills not to be a jerk about it. Don’t worry, though, I manage to be a jerk about other things.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to having a couple days off to hang out with the friends and loved ones. Tomorrow my plans include a cake tasting at our wedding place with GP, trying on dresses with my mom (is this a terrible idea, following cake tasting with dress-trying-on?), and Sunday, I want to be satisfied with a normal portion of chili and (light!) beer at our Super Bowl/Puppy Bowl party!


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