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Or something like that. GP and I have been trying to get ourselves over to Eastern time, because we are waking up tomorrow morning at something like 4:30 in order to begin our journey to…Disney World! The computer will be making the trip with me, but who can say whether I will have it in me to be a good blogger after traipsing around in the swampy magic all day. With this in mind, I just have to do at least one Disney-themed post. So, here it goes…a Friday fill-in (semi-related: my “f” key is being sticky, so that originally said “riday inn-in.” Awesome.)

1. It’s January; this means that GP and I are making our annual pilgrimage to a Disney park. Here’s the thing: he is a big theme park guy and I enjoy magic and turkey legs. As we live in California, it is just a short trip (read: five-plus hour trek) down (terminally ugly) Interstate 5 to Anaheim, home of the original Disney mecca. So, for our first two Januaries together, we went to Disneyland/CA Adventure. When we went to Paris over the summer…we went out to Marne-la-Vallee to Disneyland Paris. And then, just for kicks, we went to Disneyland again in November. And this year, in a high point for our Disney sparkle dependency, we will be spending six days in Orlando, all Disney, all the time. Yes, we are nuts. And you can just shut up about it.

2. Six days of wandering through various worlds full of artifice, nostalgia, and just plain fun is (are?) what I crave most right now. Say what you will about the evils of the Disney company (yes, they are evil, let’s move on), they put on a hell of a good show.

3. Cork and wine go together like fireworks and hastily-purchased sweatshirts. However, I hear that Florida has a weird 78-degrees-and-rainy weather thing going on…so who knows about this sweatshirt business. Also, I have to note that “cork and wine” are not a good combo. Corked wine sucks, folks.

4. A vacation of any duration is so nourishing. While it is lame that I work two part-time jobs and don’t get any sort of paid vacation time (yes, I’m a little bitter), I am always happy to have some time away.

5. Let us dare to embrace our inner cheeseballs. Mine is not so far beneath the surface, hence all the Disney enjoyment, but I generally feel like life is best enjoyed when we aren’t trying so hard. That’s what being a teenager is for, y’all.

6. I have a feeling that California will always be my home. Because I am a snob, because I am a wimp about most weather patterns, and because I will always believe in the superiority of Disneyland. Had to shoehorn that one in there… ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a good weekend, internets! Leave your favorite Disney memories in the comments.

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