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The winding-down of Barack-tober

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Yeah, that’s right…I am not even going to mess around with the Rock-tober promises, because this month has been too full of The Busy to apply any such term to it. However, there were some highlights, including:

-a haircut, with deep conditioner treatment that was kicked into the deal and totally blew my mind. Sure, I am annoyed with my sort-of side-bangs now, but at the time? I was so excited about my hair.

-attending the last wedding of 2008, and possibly the last one before my own, which is a scary thought. No, we haven’t picked a date (because it turns out I fail at wedding planning so far– no decisions have been made), but we have heard nothing and gotten nary a Save the Date, so I’m thinking it might be a year-long wedding drought.

-rocking the hell out of most of my Library School assignments. Turns out I have found my calling, even though I still think distance learning is pretty isolating.
-carving the best jack-o-lantern ever. Seriously, friends, all I need now is a couple others that say “No on 8” and “No on 4” (because I loooove gays and hate babies! No wait, only one of those is true), and I will be an official commie. Is it election time yet?

Now, for the lowlights:

-being near tears during a timed online assignment because my professor had given such poor directions that I was almost entirely unprepared for the damn thing. I have survived, but we will see what the grading gods think of my efforts.

-finding out that my 18-year-old stepsister had gotten married in mid-July. Oh, and I found this out…in mid-August. From my mom and stepdad…who had found out only a few days previous. If I felt that this marriage was in any way based on some sort of adult, mature, well-reasoned decision, I might be a bit more supportive. As it is now…well, it hurts to think that one’s sibling wouldn’t deign to notify her family of her marriage.

-working two jobs sucks. I even did the math, see? Two part-time jobs + graduate school < one full-time job

Am I being too ambitious when I am even considering doing NaBloPoMo?


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