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Dear Sarah Palin, Part 2

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Dear Sarah Palin,

It’s me, again. I can’t look away from all the coverage from you, I just can’t. It’s like a car accident, and I can’t believe America would be so stupid as to want you for vice-president. Please America, you’ve fucked up before, but please don’t disappoint me by being so short-sighted and voting on personality rather than issues as to get this woman who makes me ashamed to be female into any part of the White House. As I watch the ABC News interview with you, I have the following thoughts:

1) Hey, you can see Russia “from land!” in Alaska, and that gives you foreign policy experience?! Well, guess what, I can see the moon from my balcony. I guess that makes me an astronaut.

2) Do not fucking compare yourself to Abraham Lincoln. I know Abraham Lincoln, ma’am, and you are no Abraham Lincoln.

3) I think it is a noble thing, that your son is going off to fight a war (that I, personally, believe is completely misguided) in Iraq. Really, I admire him for that. You know why that is? Because I, too, am an American. I am proud of my country, and appreciate that there are those who are willing to do what I never could to protect us. Even if I never could. So don’t you, for a goddamn second, pretend that I don’t love my country. Because I do, and I will cut you.



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