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Quick note on the RNC

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Dear Sarah Palin,

I know that if I started writing all the things about you that make me want to scream continuously until election day, when Barack Obama will become our president, it would take too long. But as I sit here, I have to say just this: do you really have nothing else to talk about besides your fucking family? I thought they were off-limits. No, only when it’s not convenient for you? Fair enough. I realize there are so many other reasons to dislike you, I’ll let it go that you are using the language of choice to describe what your daughter is going through– how convenient that she has the luxury of choosing, no?

How about, oh, I don’t know…anything that might convince me that you are in any way qualified to be a heartbeat away from leading my country? Pure insults directed toward your opponent don’t count. Go!


P.S. Stop lying about the Bridge to Nowhere! We have the internets now, you know.


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