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On being a bad blogger, or why I haven’t posted in about a month

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Sorry, friends, I don’t really have an excuse or apology for you…I was busy, and when I was not busy, I was…not in the mood? Oh well. The point is, I’m back(ish)! How about a little recap? In the past month, I have:

attended a wedding in New York

attended a wedding much closer to home (only 20 minutes away, a new record!)

concocted a watermelon, feta, and mint salad (and not posted an official Whip It Up! entry, sorry)

gone on a small field trip with GP and his parents to the CIA in Hyde Park, for a delicious Italian dinner

…and another field trip to the place on the Hudson where our Big Fat Engagement Party is going to be, next Memorial Day (GP’s mom is a planning powerhouse, people, and I totally fail so far at wedding-planning)

had Engagement Party #1, a much smaller affair hosted by my mom and stepdad. The first attempt at getting various friend-groups together, as well as the first “All About Us” activity, and it went pretty well. Cupcakes were involved, so what else would we expect? (Note to self: write those thank-yous NOW!!!)

worked diligently and for very little money at my internship and at the tutoring place

started library school, in which I am taking three classes. I am told that this is an “intense” course load…and so far am not convinced. UCLA’s quarter system prepared me pretty well for intense educational experiences, so there.

watched my Bruins beat #18 Tennessee at football. I began watching the game fully expecting us to lose, and was pushed further into the doom-and-gloom category by the (under)performance of our new quarterback (who I still might like to punch, despite the victory)…and then lost my mind when we finally beat them. Yay, college sports!

vowed repeatedly that I would be more diligent in blogging and commenting. With as much attention as all this blog/wiki/Web 2.0 (bleah) stuff is getting in all of my classes, I feel like I should do it, if only to stay on the forefront of the field…you know, because my personal blog has so much to do with library business.


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