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I have had this grand plan of chronicling our entire New York-Paris trip– and I will, I swear!– but really, I am in no mood to write about anything but what might arguably be called the highlight of the trip.

I got engaged in Paris!

Yes, apparently we are those types of people, the ones who go to the most romantic city in the world and go and get engaged. Truthfully, I had no idea it was coming– I had been hearing from so many people, “Oh, he’s going to propose there! Of course he will! It’s Paris!” that I was convinced that there was no way that was going to happen. I didn’t want to come back from the trip snapping at everyone who asked to see my left hand, so I was determined to have a simply amazing trip, diamond ring or no. Rest assured, friends, that I am completely appreciative that it did happen there, and that an already-wonderful trip was highlighted by a perfect proposal. What happened, you ask? Well…

It was the fourth day of our trip, one that started with a visit to the Louvre with GP’s parents, but the two of us decided to make an Express Trip of it: Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, Hammurabi’s code, and the Winged Victory, a couple more things along the way, and we were headed out. Lunch in the Marais, with its labyrinthine streets and slight drizzle, peeking out from under an awning and finishing a bottle of wine. Then it was a few hours in the Picasso Museum, and back to our local supermarche in the 16eme (where our apartment was) to get some picnic items. The plan was to head to the Bois du Boulogne for a picnic, complete with a fresh baguette, some insanely cheap and delicious French wine (seriously, not a bad bottle was had on this trip), and a blanket that we had pilfered from the apartment (likely not intended for outdoor use).

Now, between the two of us, we knew that “bois” meant “woods.” Why we went to a park that translates into “the woods of Boulogne” for a picnic may seem silly now, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. After wandering through several of the park’s trails, surrounded by trees and any number of Parisian predators, ready to spring out of the aforementioned trees and grope one or both of us, we found a suitably grassy area and spread our blanket under a tree. Bread was broken, wine was drunk, and pigeons were shooed away. It was a perfect “early” dinner– apparently in the summer, the sun is up in Paris until about 10:30pm, so this picnic began at about 7. I had already been talking about what we had to do when we came back to Paris, and GP began talking about how we have to come back to Paris now, as he pulled an Estee Lauder gift-with-purchase bag out of his pocket. What follows is a combination of what actually was said, and what was going on in my head…

Huh. What is this? Did he get me mascara?
GP: I never want to go anywhere without you, ever again. And I want us to always remember this trip…[He pulls a small green box out of the bag.]
What?! The boxes from New Brother-In-Law’s jewelry store are green! It’s too small to be a bracelet, or a necklace…did he get me earrings? What a wonderful way to remember a trip…
GP: [Opens the box, which contains my beautiful, cushion-cut solitaire on a white-gold band, ring] Will you marry me?
Me: Oh my God! Yes!!! [Begin crying, because really, who does this?]

So, that’s about it, folks. That’s how it happened. Now we’re back home, and as surreal as it felt to be engaged in Paris, it is even more surreal to be engaged at home, and to begin to think about a wedding, my wedding, and a marriage, and a husband, and forever. But you know what? I can definitely get used to this…

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