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Les nombres

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Dear France (and other French-speaking countries),

I have just been informed that your people are unable to use single words/word pairs for the numbers 70-99. Now, I think we can all agree that that is just plain stupid. I mean, you guys have math, right? And numbers? I know this isn’t a Latin-roots thing, because my Spanish-speaking ass is here to tell you that I can count to 100 (and beyond!) using such handy words as ochenta, and, at worst, setenta y nueve. I ask you, French-speaking nations…what the hell? I love you to death, and am in a constant state of joy that I am visiting your lovely capital in one week, but seriously, get on the ball with the counting– I am freaked enough about the language as it is.


P.S. Yeah, I know “nombres” is Spanish for “names,” but seriously, just shut up about it.


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