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What I won’t miss about my job

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I was reminded by a friend and former colleague of one of my least favorite parts of my job: all the menial stuff that is in constant competition with much higher-level tasks. (Note to Boss: Do you want an admin, or do you want someone who will help your business work better? You don’t necessarily even have to pick one, just don’t be surprised when the more sophisticated tasks get higher priority, mmkay?) I laughed out loud for real when I read this email today:

“Also keep in mind that training is a good time to create and perpetuate myths/legends/lies/exaggerations…For example, you could tell her that the reason [Swedish girl that used to work here] went back to Sweden was because one day [Bossman] wanted a diet coke and there weren’t any in the fridge (even though there were some in the locked room) and he had her deported.”

Background information, so you get the joke, too– I am “training” my summer replacement (wow, wish I had had some training when I started…), and refrigerator stocking is an Essential Part of My Job. Feel free to laugh or cry as needed.

Note: there will, of course, be things that I do miss, but I had to share this because I thought it was too hilarious to keep to myself. All for you, internets.


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