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(The title comes from my first day-trip to Paris, when I was 12. My uncles took me on a Eurostar/bus tour of Paris, and as we drove past the many, many drool-worthy shops, our native French speaker of a guide talked about “window licking,” as opposed to “window shopping.” Because I was 12 and a little dense at the time, I swear she said “window leaking.” I did not get it.) Long intro, I know. So, without further ado, I present to you…things that I would love to own and sport in Paris, but am too depressed about the dollar/Euro exchange rate to actually purchase, courtesy of Shop It To Me.

First, the dresses. A DVF, from Nordstrom, a steal at $171 (that’s half off, folks!).I am loving the bateau neck and the chic ponytail, both of which I can pull off for much cheaper. Sorry, Diane. I still think you’re lovely.

Now, a great, summery Lilly Pulitzer. Not the trademark Lilly pink and green (love! Drool!), but a yellow that I know everyone is digging right now. Available from Bloomingdales, $195.

One last DVF, a bit on the safari side. I can’t decide what I think about the neckline, but I am leaning towards affection., $207 (Yikes)

Now, the shoes! Just one today– a Steve Madden wedge that I envision would be either on the “horribly uncomfortable” or “like a dream” end of the comfort spectrum…what do you think? $60 on

Finally, just for comparison sake– I give you these, which look suspiciously like a pair I got at Target for about, oh…$6. So there. I win shopping!


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