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It has officially begun– well, that’s a lie. It began officially about a week ago, when I realized that the date of our departure for our New York/Paris odyssey was just over three weeks away. Officially, it is time to completely freak out about my Big Summer Trip, which marks more than a passport stamp for me.

I am entering the last days of my employment at Current Job, which is just fine with me. For what it’s worth, I learned a lot here, and we all know I love to learn. Coming in, I knew that this wouldn’t be my career, but I never suspected I would have as much trouble with the structure, expectations, and communication here. Since my previous job had been so structured and choked with bureaucracy, I looked forward to working for a small company, one in which there was “no hierarchy,” and one in which everyone worked so closely together. What I found was a bit different, and I will be leaving having made some great personal friendships, but feeling like a big disappointment because I couldn’t meet “goals” that had no business even being on my plate. I don’t want this to be about work, though– frankly, not enough exciting bad stuff happens here for it to be a compelling read, and I want you people to be entertained.

So, on to the entertainment! Friends, I am leaving for New York (GP’s sister’s Big Fat Armenian Wedding) and Paris (GP’s parents’ and our Big Parisian Non-Honeymoon) in two short weeks. I am losing hair over how excited I am. Have you any suggestions for things I Simply Must Do while I’m there? I have only ever been before on day trips when I was visiting London, so really have only covered going up the Eiffel Tower and walking on the Champs Elysees… Oh, and if you want a postcard, I may be able to arrange that. Just give me your address, and I will try my best to find something appropriately cheesy.

Also entertaining? What I get to do when I get back! This is more nerd-entertaining than actually entertaining, but I will be starting my internship (woo, libraries!) and back at Previous Employer, only this time as an instructor. I will have so many exciting and weird kid stories for you!

Now, if only “two weeks from now” would just hurry up and get here…


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