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Because I couldn’t be bothered to be PT today, I figured I would earn my Girl Points by whipping up a fantastic dinner that did not consist of hot dogs (my immediate response when GP asked what we had for dinner). Rather, I concocted this, which was my first foray into the world of frying things in my own kitchen. All in all, it was pretty successful– despite the fact that I got to experience My Very Own First Grease Fire. Yes, friends, olive oil will ignite if you try to tidy up with a paper towel when the burner is still on. I can’t say that I recommend it. Oh, and you know there was an apron involved…I have ruined far too many shirts being spattered by wayward pan contents.

This weekend will be mercifully cooking-free, I believe, but more on that later. I am way too busy drinking wine to talk about the laundry-list of things that will be done this weekend.


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