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This poster hangs on the wall in my office, and serves as a more stylish reminder than, for instance, a “Hang in there!” poster, that I need to keep plugging away at the interminable phone calls and emails that constitute the majority of my job. Now, for instance, I am in a tangle of CC’s, unreturned phone calls, and multiple scheduling conflicts, and I want the hell out! Good thing the British Empire is there, encouraging me to maintain the stiff upper lip of my forefathers (well, Granny, at least).

I told my boss last week that I’m going back to school, and that I had been searching for library-related internships so that I can have some experience in the field even before I begin school in the fall. He took it pretty well (maybe there was some degree of relief? At any rate, he knew that what I am doing for him is not something I want to make a career of), and gave me a good reference for the internship woman, who called the day after I broke the news. The reference, along with that of a former boss (who is now a friend), sealed the deal– I am starting an internship in a special library after we get back from Paris in July! That’s not “special” as in “needs to wear a helmet at all times,” just “special” as in, “a very specific collection and management system.” I am pretty excited, but a bit apprehensive about being in over my head…I hope there’s someplace to hang my poster at the internship place.


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