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Because, unfortunately, there are people in the office and I don’t have the option of working from home, I am unable to do the SNL recap at this very moment (I am pretty excited to watch and mock mercilessly, though). Oh, and I took a picture of all the wine we bought last weekend (I say “we,” but really GP was the benefactor), but it is trapped in my camera, in the study of our apartment. So what you get for now is a list of all the stuff I will be doing in the next month and a half or so…

Memorial Day weekend – GP graduates! He’s all growns up now, with his master’s degree and fancy job, so his parents as well as his sister and her fiance will be coming to town for a Big Fat Graduation Event. His graduation is all kind of early in the morning, at the school’s football stadium– because of this, and because I graduated from a South Bay public high school, I have to keep reminding his parents that they could wear a barrel with suspenders, for all anyone else will care. For real, there will be air horns and people banging on pots and pans with utensils. Classy. Post-graduation, there will be some eating and drinking, which I am working to finalize because the stupid restaurant guy hasn’t finalized with me.

The next day, we’re going to the beach! This is how you know GP’s family isn’t from California: they want to go to the beach on Memorial Day weekend, which is a truly insane proposition. There is generally “beach traffic” every weekend from May through September/October, with holiday weekends being the worst. But they came all this way, and are intent on “swimming” (y’all, our water is freezing– you don’t swim unless you are four years old or completely insane), so we will go.

Monday is up in the air, but our tentative plans are to go to local Santa Cruz mountain wineries…because we cannot get enough of wine. Seriously, we are running out of room.

Third weekend in June
– We will be the ones traveling across the country! GP’s sister is getting married, and it is going to be a Big Fat Armenian wedding, with very few expenses spared. Aside from the frozen drink bar and the fact that I will get to have my hair done and ride in a limo, I am most excited to field all the “So when are you getting married?” queries. My planned response is, “Ask him,” but do let me know if you have any suggestions– GP is not a fan of my current planned response.

Oh, and a couple days after the wedding, we are going to Paris! I’ve mentioned this in passing, but here’s the deal: we are in the “habit” of taking one big trip a year (last year it was Puerto Vallarta), and his parents haven’t ever been to Paris together, so the logical remedy to this was that we would all go together, in a “honeymoon” of sorts. Yes, GP’s sister is getting married and going to Anguilla for her actual honeymoon, but the four of us will be taking Paris by storm! His parents are generously paying for everything but the airfare (our combined SFO-EWR-CDG-EWR-SJC itinerary was like $1400, yikes), and I am hoping we might be able to sneak in a romantic moment or two. Expect to be sick of hearing me talk about damn Paris by the time I leave…because I cannot wait to go!

Is it summer yet?


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