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In which I shop, spontaneously and plentifully

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Really, is there any other way? Hoping to find some great stuff for Mother’s Day, I headed to the mall. I do not go as frequently as, say, high school– when I used to go multiple times in a week, relishing the dual rewards of having a driver’s license and a part-time job– but I still enjoy the plethora of great stores there. Thanks, Westfield! I would say that I managed a good bit of restraint, but on the other hand, I did a fair amount of damage. I did talk myself out of things, though!

The haul is as follows…

Short bubble dress from Forever 21, to be paired with some black leggings, which are my first leggings since about third grade. I am late to the party, but still a bit hesitant about them. They will not, under any circumstances, be worn as pants. Also, in walking around various stores, I saw that there was a big Black and Pink Moment happening, which is nice because it’s a color combo that I like, and was able to re-create for pretty cheap. I am worried that I’m getting too old to shop at Forever 21, and do have some sweatshop concerns…but my love of a comfy little dress outweighs these things. Does that make me a terrible person?

What can I say, I love a big-ass ring. Also, this thing was less than $3. I win! There are also some flat, cream-colored sandals, but you’ll have to wait until they’re a Shoe of the Day to see those…

I stopped into this Heritage 1981 store, and was perplexed. Is it the same thing as Forever 21, but a little more hipster? That they are near each other in my mall does not help matters any– does anyone know what the heck this store is? I am also a little bummed that 1981 is now this crazy-in-the-past time. The kids working there were definitely born in the ’90s, and that’s just wrong.

Next was Papyrus, which was really the only stop I needed to make while I was there (everything else was just a bonus!), and I picked up cards for my grandma and GP’s mom (from him…I know! I am a great girlfriend), as well as these cute pink and brown cards that were half off. I couldn’t resist!

Ann Taylor was a bit of a bust– I didn’t end up even trying anything on, although I did see the polka dot dress that was in the last Shop It To Me email. Everything at Ann Taylor was blue or green, and I was just not in that mood today. Luckily, a few doors down, there was NY&Co., with its siren song of a sale. Buy one get another 50% off, it crooned. Who was I to argue?

I walked out with two tops, including this one…

(which I will not be pairing with my blue-and-white checked pants, thankyouverymuch), as well as another one that is sort of purple-y and black, with sequin detailing around the neck. (Upon seeing this shirt, GP remarked that I have a lot of clothes that make me look like a flapper. I am not sure that he knows what a flapper is.) I also made off with a trio of their new body products (so delicious-smelling! I got the gardenia and pomegranate ones) for $15 (!!!) and a cute pair of earrings. Oh, and this little number:

Memorial Day is almost here folks! Not that I pay much attention to that particular rule…


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