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This is what our balcony looks like right now…

Cuidado, indeed. Even if we wanted to, we couldn’t open the door– there is a 2×4 wedged behind the slider, in a cruel reversal of the “security system” GP has devised that involves placing a level (yes, a level) behind the interior sliding door space.

Oh, and where is all the stuff that usually lives on the balcony?

Why, right in the living room, of course! Where else should we put the 12-foot tripod that elevates our DirecTV dish to a height where it’s able to receive signal? I am shocked that I haven’t stubbed any toes on this thing, shocked and grateful.

In addition to this business, there are currently many different Huge Piles of Dirt blocking random walkways throughout the complex, which make getting to one’s car or fetching the mail a more challenging task than ever thought possible. There is, of course, also the accompaniment of numerous power tools, if your brain needed any more aggravation. Ah, apartment living…


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